The World Aquarium is now open from 10 am until 6 pm on Saturdays and noon until 4 pm on Sundays.

Admission is

  • $6 for adults
  • $5 for seniors and military
  • $4 for children (2-15 yrs)

810 North 3rd St. (Just south of Lumiere Casino)

St. Louis, MO 63102

Street and lot parking available.

Call 314-647-6011 for more info.


World Aquarium in St. LouisSince 1971, the World Aquarium organization has been working as a not-for-profit organization within the St. Louis community to bring about a new way of educating the public about the importance of water and our environment. From 1990, the World Aquarium has been providing educational programs and services to the St. Louis community addressing needs identified from a regional educational analysis. Operating the museum component since 1993, the World Aquarium organization has perfected a financially stable operation that serves the public while maintaining its operation without significant financial input other than normal revenue streams. Beginning in the year 2000, the World Aquarium organization began looking at significantly larger sized facilities as a way to expand its programs and services to the community. In 2004, the World Aquarium opened in an expanded facility that reached three times the previous facility’s visitation and is continuing to grow in its numbers served since that time.


The goals of the World Aquarium are to increase the understanding of aquatic life and environments, to promote the importance of conserving the world of water, and to provide leadership for the preservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources.


The mission of World Aquarium is to present, promote and protect the world of water.  The mission is fulfilled through education, exhibits, conservation programming and research projects.

November 2015

The World Aquarium is proud to announce the opening of The Aqua Room on Laclade’s Landing!
The Aqua Room is the main floor of a whole building (3 floors of fun adventure) dedicated to learning about aquatic wonders of the world. Spend time touring the Adventure Room, party in the Aqua Room  and sleep in the Fish Lofts for full experience. Or participate in any level individually with your friends and family.

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