Jean Micheal Cousteau Honorary Conservation Chair, Jean Micheal Cousteau, visits the World Aquarium.

Honorary Conservation Chair, Jean Micheal Cousteau, visits the World Aquarium.

The World Aquarium participates in local, regional, national and international conservation projects, including the following:

The World Aquarium’s Conservation for the Oceans Foundation’s (CFTO) Advisory Board Member, John Englander, has written the book, High Tide On Main Street, which was just released October 30, 2012. The book discusses the current phenomenon sea level rise worldwide and how it will affect communities everywhere. A portion of the proceeds for each book will go to support the World Aquarium and CFTO.

Click here to see the informational flyer. To reserve an AUTOGRAPHED, INSCRIBED COPY of the book, please send an e-mail to

Animal Rescue

The World Aquarium serves as a sanctuary for the unwanted exotic animals that need to be given up due to an owner’s lack of funds to support them properly. The World Aquarium is dedicated to providing a safe haven for these animals so that they may have a comfortable place to live out the rest of their natural lives. The Aquarium is also dedicated to trying to educate the public of the special needs of exotic animals. Too many people purchase these wonderful animals and have no idea as to what is going to be required or what to expect from the animals themselves. Too late they realize that they are not prepared or cannot afford their “pets” any longer.  Working with a supportive and involved board of directors and highly dedicated volunteers at the Aquarium, we are here not to promote these animals as pets, but rather to provide clear examples of the consequences of human self-interest and interference in the animals’ lives.

Monsanto Fund

Since 2010, The Aquarium has received a grant from the Monsanto Fund for our Incubator Science Program.

US Army Corp of EngineersUS Army Corps of Engineers

Since 2000, The Aquarium has worked and collaborated with the Army Corps of Engineers for the Environmental Coordination of the Middle Mississippi River and on the Dead Zone Commission.

Seafood Watch Logo

Sustainable Seafood

Seafood Watch Program
As a Conservation Outreach Partner of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program, we are recommending that each person commit themselves by buying seafood that is “sustainable” to become effective in creating a positive change in the environment. We believe that by identifying sustainable and best practices toward the fishery and aquaculture industries and by acting locally, the consumer can make a difference through their economic activity of feeding their families a nutritious diet that will also protect, preserve, and conserve our world’s living aquatic ecosystems.

Download a mobile app of the Seafood Watch Central U.S. Guide here.

World Ocean NetworkWorld Ocean Network

The World Aquarium is a founding member of the World Ocean Network, sits on the its executive committee, and Chairs the Sustainable Action Committee. For more information visit

Conservation for the Oceans FoundationConservation for the Oceans Foundation

The Conservation for the Oceans Foundation has the responsibility to develop programmatic components that cooperating institutions, organizations, scientists, and citizens that would make substantial changes in our oceans and improvement in our planet’s health a reality through their combined actions.

CFTO has an ongoing global projects that are being achieved in communities throughout the world.  See a list of CFTO’s accomplishments here.

For more information about the Conservation for the Oceans Foundation, visit