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Educational Programs

Aquarium Tours

Groups of 10 or more people may Visit the World Aquarium only or you can Add the World Aquarium onto your City Museum Visit.

To learn more about the World Aquarium tour offerings, please select from one of the following types of tours:

Extended Length Tours (2 or more people)

    1. Discovery Adventure Tour
    2. Shark & Stingray Encounter
    3. The Insanity Tour

Day Camps


Outreach Education Programs

Can’t come to the Aquarium? The Aquarium can come to you!

World Aquarium Aquatic and Marine Science Institute

We are celebrating our fourth year of the “World Aquarium Aquatic & Marine Science Initiative (WAAMSI) which has been established to serve the students of the greater St. Louis region  by enabling them to gain focused hands-on field research experience in marine biology. WAAMSI is a six session course (with a focus on at-risk students) which takes place one Saturday each month starting in January.  The successful students travel to Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory to apply firsthand what they learned in our laboratories and meet with other marine and aquatic sciences professionals in the field.

The program is open to St. Louis Metropolitan area high school students in their sophomore or junior years. WAAMSI gives preference to at-risk, low income students. All expenses will be paid for each student’s tuition, food and travel expenses.

Objectives of WAAMSI:

1.  To motivate and encourage disadvantaged youth to seek careers in marine and aquatic sciences;

2.  To provide a broad applied perspective on aquatic and marine sciences;

3.  To give students exposure to scientific organization in marine and aquatic sciences; and

4.  To allow students to meet with leaders in aquatic and marine sciences.

Applications must be received by December 30, 2013 and selected students will be notified by mid-January.

The Application period has ended. Please check back with us in December 2014 for 2015 WAAMSI Applications.

WAAMSI is sponsored by Ameren.

Zebra Mussel Mania Traveling Trunk – NOW AVAILABLE!zmm2

Aquatic invasive species pose a real threat to our lakes and wetlands — without natural predators, they often displace native species and negatively impact recreation, water quality, pollutant cycling, and habitat.

Teachers and their students can play an important role in helping our environment by learning about aquatic invasive species and how to stop them from spreading.

Learn all about zebra mussels and other invasive species with this award-winning science kit and curriculum. Zebra mussels, which invaded North American in 1998, have caused serious economic and environmental problems. They spread rapidly from the Great Lakes region in to many inland waterways and are found in 23 states.

Zebra Mussel Mania includes experiments, role-playing games, stories, and other hands-on activities. This Traveling Trunk, which meets National Science Education Standards, will help you teach kids about a wide range of problems associated with zebra mussels and other invaders. Students will learn through inquiry and discovery while understanding how to become involved in community action projects that will help prevent the spread of zebra mussels.

Zebra Mussel Mania teaches elementary and middle school students (grades 3-8) about the effects of zebra mussels and other invasive species on ecosystems and local economies. The curriculum guide contains 10 activities, teaching basic concepts across a broad range of subjects.

What’s in the Trunk?

  • A teacher-friendly curriculum guide with 10 activities that integrate science with mate, social studies, geography, language arts, and other subjects
  • Student activity sheets
  • Zebra mussel shells
  • Native mussel shells
  • 4 video programs
  • Posters
  • Shell classification guide (dichotomous key)
  • Web of Life ecology game
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • A teacher resource portfolio filled with background reading

How much does it cost to rent?

  • For the cost of shipping the box to you, rent the Trunk for a ten-day period. Cost does not include return shipping.
  • $25 for a ten-day period if you pick it up.

For more information, please contact us.