Internship Opportunities

Please Note:   Internship programs MUST be a part of an education curriculum. You must be doing these programs for credit, whether you are in high school or college. If it is not a part of your school’s curriculum, please consider our Volunteer Program.

Job Shadow (High School)

Ever consider a career in an aquarium? Here is a wonderful opportunity to visit World Aquarium for a day and find out what really goes on in front of and behind the scenes. Learn about the job skills needed as well as the subjects that are involved in this interesting and complex occupation.

Job Shadowing must be arranged through your school! Please have your guidance counselor call and arrange a job shadowing experience at 314-647-6011.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

High School Internships

This program is designed for high school students who wish to gain experience in marine biology, research, or education. This must be part of your school curriculum (1 day/week with 1 semester minimum) as either an internship credit or an independent study credit. Interns work with our animal care staff in caring for the animals, interact with the public, give guided tours to students through exhibit realms, and do exhibit maintainenance.  It is a fun way for students to be learning about possible careers in these exciting fields.

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College Internships

This program allows college students (undergraduate and graduate) to do supervised activities for college credit. There are four different types of internship programs available for college students, including:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Public relations/advertising
  • Exhibit Design

In the Research Internship, students are given the opportunity to select from several areas of bench research currently conducted. These areas currently include:

  • Aquaculture of many fish species, shrimp species, coral reef culture
  • Environmental research involving agricultural waste products, pathenogenic protection methodology for aquacultural species; and biodiversity sustainability studies associated with global ecosystems

In the Educational Internship programs, students work on developing cultural environmental learning programs, religious biodiversity learning programs, and information methodologies for current and new aquariums.

The Public Relations/Advertising Internship includes:

  • Developing projects that promote our summer activities
  • Building national public relationship and advertising awareness
  • Implementing a capital campaign program
  • Creating the national science literacy program
  • And much more

An Exhibit Design Internship gives students who want to specialize in zoo and aquarium exhibit design the experience of implementing their exhibit designs. Activities include:

  • Learning the facets of animal enclosures
  • Formulating ideas for creative exhibits
  • Determining proper exhibit materials
  • Drafting sketches and blueprints
  • Creating a budget
  • Students may also be involved in construction of their exhibit idea, if applicable

Students will find the internship experience to be helpful for future careers.

Please submit your application along with the reference form, a cover letter, your resume, a writing sample (i.e. research paper), and a copy of your transcripts (can be unofficial).

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