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Award-Winning landscape painter, Brian Mahieu joining the World Aquarium Team

PNWTriptychFinishedWebPacific Northwest triptych (each panel 12’x12′) by Brian Mahieu

Nov1BioBrian Mahieu, award-winning landscape painter has been commissioned to do a series of paintings that depict ecosystems from an impressionist standpoint representing North American Habitats with a Mississippi River Focus, Amazonian Ecosystems and the Pacific Northwest Estuarine Environment as a series of Triptychs that are each 36 feet long and 12 feet high (each panel being 12’x12’).  An additional interactive mural series called Coral Reef Dreaming will be 6 – 9’ long and 12’ tall panels that will allow the visitor to pass the murals in a triangle configuration which will give the sense of swimming through the coral reef.  A 100’ long Panoramawill follow the journey of water from the mountaintops to the sea. Other walls will be painted with shapes and colors that further set the tone for areas throughout the new World Aquarium.